Our autonomous corrosion monitoring services for reinforced concrete infrastructure

Explore the core of our novel structural health corrosion monitoring solution.

Our hardware solutions

Integrating innovation within concrete infrastructure.

DuraMon sensor system

An embeddable multi-parameter sensor system in selected representative locations in concrete structures.

Simultaneous measurement of all relevant parameters possible:

Free chloride concentration


Concrete’s electrical resistance (“moisture”)


Steel electrical potential

Corrosion current

Data logger

Data logger connected to DuraMon’s sensor system that measures and transmits the sensors’ data.

Low-power operation

Autonomous operation

Wireless data transmission

Installation service

High-precision installation methods ensuring representative and accurate structure’s data and minimal disruption.

Tailored Solutions

Minimally invasive

New, repaired, and existing structures

Our software solutions

Analysis of your concrete infrastructure’s health based on state-of-the-art corrosion science.

Tailored data interpretation

Joint discussions and predictive maintenance recommendations, allowing for optimize infrastructure management.

You obtain all relevant parameters measured with our sensors

Our sensors deliver continuous structure’s data, ensuring you have the latest information on your structure’s health.

We continuously deliver all the profiles of measured parameters so you always know if your structure's condition changed or if you have further ingress of aggressive agents.

Reliable corrosion diagnosis and prognosis

We consider the interaction of all measured parameters with state-of-the-art corrosion science, together with exposure and climate information.

Proven performance across reinforced concrete infrastructure

Explore how DuraMon enhances safety and longevity in diverse reinforced concrete structures.


Continuous data for critical assessments and sustainable repairs.


Monitor environmental impacts and maintain tunnel integrity.

Parking structures

Ensure safety with efficient, non-invasive maintenance insights.

We offer an autonomous corrosion monitoring solution for reinforced concrete infrastructure

This is how we offer our novel solution.

One-time Fee:

A one-time fee grants you full installation and configuration of the DuraMon system, ensuring precision and reliability from the start.

Multisensor system:

Our Multisensor (combined sensor system and data logger) enables early damage detection and a complete picture on the structure’s condition.

Sensor system

We tailor the position, individual measurements, and size of the sensor system to your needs.

Data logger

Low power data logger that automatically measures the sensors’ data and transmits this data wirelessly to DuraMon’s server


We custom our installation specifically to your needs.

Maximized accuracy

Tailored installation to the project’s needs

Recurrent Subscription:

Our subscription service delivers ongoing, up-to-date corrosion monitoring and analysis, keeping your infrastructure's integrity in check.

Data insights

Unlock the full potential of corrosion monitoring with our service:

Periodic delivery of all measured parameters

Periodic delivery of corrosion diagnosis and forecasts at your fingertips

Data interpretation

Start monitoring your structure project today

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