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Revolutionize Structural Health Corrosion Monitoring in Reinforced Concrete
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Duramon’s  customers and partners:

We offer an autonomous corrosion monitoring solution for reinforced concrete infrastructure

DuraMon technology combines novel sensors, data logger, and data analysis and interpretation services to provide a tailor made solution.

Sensor system

We tailor the position, individual measurements, and size of the sensor system to your needs.

Data logger

Low power data logger that automatically measures the sensors’ data and transmits this data wirelessly to DuraMon’s server


Customized and precise installation methods ensure our sensors integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure for optimal performance.

Data interpretation

Expert analysis of comprehensive sensor data provides actionable insights for informed decision-making and strategic maintenance planning.

Our scope of innovation

A snapshot of our global impact and technological reach.


Sensors systems deployed


Ongoing projects


Data points / day


Countries using our solution

Revolutionizing Infrastructure Sustainability with Sika

DuraMon and Sika joined forces in July 2023 to advance the field of structural health corrosion monitoring, revolutionizing maintenance strategies, and contributing to the sustainable development of infrastructure worldwide. Would you like to know more about it?

Why should you use monitoring?

Duramon technology  combines novel sensors, tailored data logger, and data analysis and interpretation services to provide a tailor made solution.

Continuous access to relevant structural health indicators

Corrosion condition data in areas of difficult access

Predictive maintenance enabled

Hazard minimized

Reduced downtimes

Monitoring the repair’s efficiency

Customer testimonials

Our esteemed partners, from global leaders like Sika to engineering consultants such as Truffer Ingenieurberatung, celebrate the transformative impact of our solutions. See how we're setting new standards in corrosion monitoring and predictive maintenance for a resilient reinforced concrete infrastructure.

“Sika’s strategic partnership with DuraMon is an alignment of visions: Together we can serve our customers in the construction industry with a comprehensive technology that enables sustainability via both the rational use of construction materials and the proper maintenance of infrastructures and building structures.”

Philippe Jost

Regional Manager Asia/Pacific and Member of Group Management

“Wir sind mit den Ergebnissen höchst zufrieden und unterstützen die Weiterentwicklung und Anwendung der Lösung von DuraMon in der Praxis. Insbesondere sehen wir ein grosses Potenzial für deren Einsatz in der Praxis und halten es für entscheidend, Prozesse zu automatisieren, um sie in einer Vielzahl von Bauwerken einsetzen zu können. Wir werden DuraMon in Zukunft gerne unterstützen und mit der Firma zusammenarbeiten.“

Philipp Truffer

Geschäftsführer “Truffer Ingenieurberatug”

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